ST. PAUL — Former Vice President Joe Biden 365体育投注overcame Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in Minnesota's presidential primary contest Tuesday, March 3.

Early results reported by the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office indicated Biden led the field in Minnesota's first Democratic presidential primary contest in nearly three decades with nearly 39% of the vote. Meanwhile, Sanders carried nearly 30% with 99.1% of precincts reporting as of 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. The Associated Press at 8:45 p.m. called the race for Biden.

365体育投注, Biden won the majority of statewide and congressional delegates in the state, with 12 statewide and 26 from the state's eight congressional districts, in total taking 38. Sanders took 9 statewide delegates and 18 congressional, totaling 27. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren took third place, with 15% of the vote and 10 total delegates. Other candidates did not meet the 15% threshold to win delegates.

365体育投注At a watch party in Minneapolis, Biden supporters cheered and hugged as the news came across the television at Elsie's bar. Meanwhile across the river in St. Paul, attendees of a Sanders watch party at BlackStack Brewery booed as the news flashed across a projector.

Several in Biden's camp credited the state for holding a decisive place in the campaign as Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., a day prior ended her campaign and threw her support behind Biden. And Sanders, who , appeared unable to capture it as he did in 2016.

"We won Minnesota because of Amy Klobuchar," Biden said in televised remarks from an event in Los Angeles.

365体育投注And supporters and campaign advisers echoed that assertion Tuesday night as results from across the country came in. Corey Day, senior adviser for Biden's campaign in Minnesota, said the last-minute endorsement paved the way for Biden to win the state.

"Getting Mayor Pete (Buttigieg) and obviously, especially, Sen. Klobuchar's support, that just lifted us," Day said. "It was a very big deal."

365体育投注Justin Buoen, campaign manager for Klobuchar, said the senator had decided to end her bid after it became clear she wouldn't have a path to the nomination. And Buoen said Klobuchar would continue stumping for Biden around the country. The vice president on Tuesday night called Klobuchar at her home to thank her for her support.

Meanwhile, Sanders at his evening Super Tuesday speech in Vermont remained confident that he will clinch the Democratic nomination and carry through a victory in November's general election. As he did during his , the progressive drew sharp contrasts between him and his more moderate opponent Biden.

“You cannot beat Trump with the same old, same old kind of politics,” Sanders said. “What we need is a new politics that brings working-class people into our political movement, which brings young people into our political movement and which in November will create the highest voter turnout in American political history.”

365体育投注Minnesota, along with 13 other states and one territory, held partisan , and combined, the contests are set to determine who will bank one-third of total delegates in the presidential nominating contests. As of 10 p.m., Biden had racked up wins in Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia while Sanders notched victories in California, Colorado and Vermont.

365体育投注In the wake of several last-minute decisions by Democratic candidates to , Minnesota voters said they had to change their decisions heading into the polls.

Bob Whitney, a musician and business owner who was celebrating his 76th birthday by going to the polls in New London Township, said he voted for Biden. But if Klobuchar hadn’t dropped out of the race, he said he would have had a hard time deciding.

“I was torn between the two,” Whitney said, but Klobuchar “simplified” the decision for him when she dropped out. “I think she did the right thing.”

365体育投注The landscape shifted with just hours before Minnesota voters were set to start casting their ballots. Klobuchar on Monday announced that she would her campaign. And she, along with former Democratic hopefuls Pete Buttigieg and Beto O'Rourke endorsed Biden at a rally in Dallas.

Meanwhile, on Monday night, Sanders at an arena in St. Paul, inviting Klobuchar and Buttigieg's backers to cast their ballots for him and urging Minnesotans not to join the moderate coalition aiming to block his path to the nomination.

365体育投注Ave Green, 56, said her choice between the Democratic candidates changed several times before she made her final decision at a St. Paul precinct on Tuesday. She declined to share who she ultimately picked, but said she hopes to see a new president "who has a sense of dignity, inclusion and kindness" come January 2021.

Within recent years, Green said she sees a spike in hatred and bigotry, which she views as "in essence, backed by the president, what he says and does." She said she worries for her three teenage children and the future of the country.

"I’m worried about the racism. I’m worried about the temperature — what you can say and do now, and it’s OK," Green said. "I’m worried about young adolescents and the younger generation with that, and how it’s coloring their life."

For other voters, the choice was clearer as they went to the polls.

365体育投注Eric Clapp, of Wadena, said he supported Elizabeth Warren because he appreciated her detailed plans and work with underserved communities. Warren garnered 16% of the vote with 85% of Minnesota precincts reporting.

“(She knows) you’re not going to overthrow the whole system but that there are ways that the system can work better for everyone, and I think that’s a really important thing," Clapp said. "And she with the plans that she’s released and has and the way that she’s spoken in the debates, she has a finger on that pulse of kind of what levers to pull within the system to make it more equitable."

The Republican primary left voters with less uncertainty about who to pick as only one candidate appeared on the ballot. GOP voters said they were glad to help re-elect President Donald Trump. With 66.64% of precincts reporting, Trump appeared poised to win the contest.

While there were some technical issues reported at polling locations, the primaries appeared to go off without a major issue on Tuesday. Some election officials reported low-turnout for both contests, but voters said they welcomed the return of the presidential primary over partisan caucuses.

"I like the primary," Aaron Pearson, of Pequot Lakes, said outside his polling location. "I think that more people are able to participate in a primary and I really appreciate that because I think more people should be involved in the political process. I do miss the caucus craziness a little bit, and feeling like you can make your voice heard a little bit more in the caucus, but the caucus is still happening. "

Pine and Lakes Echo Journal reporter Travis Grimler, Fargo Forum reporter Dave Olson, West Central Tribune reporter Carolyn Lange and Wadena Pioneer Journal reporter Rebecca Mitchell contributed to this article.