ST. PAUL — Joe Biden on Tuesday, March 3, pulled off an upset in Minnesota's Democratic presidential primary contest over Bernie Sanders, pulling in 38 delegates from the state.

365体育投注With 100% of Minnesota precincts reporting, the former vice president racked up nearly 39% of the vote, while Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, cleared 30%, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren won 15.4%, Mike Bloomberg took in 8.3% and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar got 5.6% in her home state.

A win in the state offered a springboard for Biden's national campaign efforts, staff said late Tuesday, and wouldn't have been possible without Klobuchar's support. Voters in 10 Super Tuesday states rallied behind Biden while those in four others carried Sanders to a win, seemingly narrowing the once broad race to more of a two-person contest heading into later primaries.

And the Democratic field further thinned on Wednesday, March 4, with Bloomberg dropping out of the race and announcing his endorsement of Biden. After spending more than a half-billion dollars on advertising focusing on Tuesday's contests, the former mayor of New York was only able to win the territory of American Samoa.

More than 744,000 cast ballots in Minnesota's Democratic primary, a significant increase from the roughly 205,000 who participated in the state's Democratic presidential caucuses in 2016. The state switched to partisan primary elections this year for the first time since 1992.

Sanders came out a winner in Minnesota's 2016 caucuses and carried residual support into Tuesday's primary.

365体育投注Unsurprisingly, President Donald Trump carried the Republican primary with 97.65% of the vote. The president ran unopposed and in an effort to illustrate support for his re-election in Minnesota, the state GOP turned out more than 140,000 voters to cast ballots in that contest.

365体育投注Between the two contests, Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said more than 885,000 people voted. That comes out to about 21.7% of eligible voters.

Klobuchar credited

365体育投注A day before the primary, the contest appeared to be a toss-up between Klobuchar and Sanders.

In ahead of the election, Klobuchar had an edge in the Democratic contest with 29% of support, while Sanders appeared likely to come in second with 23%. Meanwhile, Warren came in third at 11% and Biden fourth with 8% of those polled backing him a week and a half ahead of the primary.

365体育投注And Biden's campaign had a minimal presence in the state and little to invest ahead of the contest. But overnight, the momentum shifted as his campaign capitalized on news of his win in South Carolina and endorsements from former competitors exiting the race, including Klobuchar. The Minnesota senator announced on the eve of the primary that she would suspend her campaign and back Biden.

"We went from a campaign that was really just looking at making sure we got the 15% thresholds to a campaign right now that just had a huge upset," Corey Day, senior adviser for Biden's campaign in Minnesota, told reporters Tuesday night at a watch party in Minneapolis. "For us to actually win this state and have that momentum going into the next states is unbelievable."

365体育投注In remarks to supporters in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, Biden said the last-minute endorsement from Klobuchar locked up the victory.

"We won Minnesota because of Amy Klobuchar," Biden said.

365体育投注Over the weekend, Democratic hopefuls Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer also suspended their campaigns, potentially funneling moderate Democrat support to Biden.

Sanders supporters in St. Paul booed Tuesday night as news of Biden's win came across the screen at BlackStack Brewing. And in comments following poll closures around the country as well as on Wednesday, March 4, Sanders said he would maintain his push to become the Democratic nominee.

"I think we go forward basically neck-and-neck," Sanders said at his campaign headquarters in Vermont, noting his big delegate haul in California.

365体育投注Sanders said he spoke with Warren Wednesday about her plans moving forward and said he would respect her timing and decision-making.

And when asked about Bloomberg's decision to leave the race and support Biden, Sanders said, "This just confirms what I said, what the media has been talking about for months. How do we stop Bernie Sanders? How do we stop a movement of working people and low-income people? How do we stop a multi-generational, multi-racial movement that is standing up for justice? And what you do is you get candidates out of the race and you rally around Joe Biden."

Minnesota delegates

365体育投注, Biden won the majority of statewide and congressional delegates in the state at 38, 12 statewide delegates and 26 from the state's congressional districts. Sanders took 9 statewide delegates and 18 congressional delegates, totaling 27. Warren took third place, with 15% of the vote and 10 total delegates. Other candidates did not meet the 15% threshold to win delegates.

Trump, who carried 97.65% of the Republican vote with all precincts reporting on Wednesday, was set to pull all 39 of Minnesota's Republican delegates.

In a tweet Tuesday night, Trump thanked Minnesota for handing him a win in the GOP race.

City support for Sanders

365体育投注Sanders was able to eke out a win in the 5th Congressional District, which includes Minneapolis and many suburban areas. But in all congressional districts, Biden topped or matched Sanders' congressional delegate totals.

365体育投注The Vermont senator pulled four of the district's delegates while Biden took three as did Warren.

The three candidates also split delegates in the 4th Congressional District, where Biden and Sanders both won three and Warren took home two. The district encompasses St. Paul and eastern suburbs.

365体育投注Across the remainder of the congressional districts, which include the geographic majority of the state, Biden topped Sanders in congressional delegate support.